Dynamic Propellers AMO No. 1150.


Overhaul, Maintain and Repair a vast range of propellers brands.

Dynamic balancing on all propellers.

NDT investigations and analyses (Florescent penetrant, Magnetic particle and Eddy current).

Cadmium plating.

Cold Compression Rolling on Hartzell propeller blades.

Hold stock and suppliers of aircraft propellers parts.

In-house as well as Onsite Repairs World Wide.

Hartzell top prop sales.

Quick turnaround times and Competitive pricing.

Pick-up and delivery services.

We overhaul, repair and maintain a vast range of propeller brands, we also hold stock and supplies of aircraft propellers parts. We travel to local, domestic amd neighbouring countries as well as abroad to cater for all customer propeller requirements.

Our aircraft propeller repair services are performed in-house in our state of the art aviation engineering workshop.